Are you a specialist in translations and looking for a job? Inova Translations may be one of your best options. In our company we respect a job well done and we behave accordingly to the people who perform it.


Although after the moment of employment we rely a lot on trust, we also impose several rules before signing the agreement.

 First, it is very important that you know the language you translate into very well. It’s a plus if you have plenty of experience in this field, but we can also collaborate with less experienced people, as long as they provide quality services. Describe at length your status regarding this matter in the text box below.

Secondly, it is mandatory that you are reliable. If you know you cannot always meet deadlines, without exceptions, then we probably cannot collaborate. It’s not enough to be well trained; you also need to “deliver” translations whenever you undertook to do so, without exception. The company’s image depends on it, as well as maintaining client loyalty. A person who asked for our help and did not receive the translation in due time, therefore missing important things because of it, is lost for good as a client.

 Thirdly, you need to be extremely careful and to check the text you send multiple times. We cannot allow room for mistakes, because this could mean losing clients.

Therefore, if you know you can properly manage the field of certified and legalized translations, fill in the form below as accurately as possible or send us an e-mail at, if you prefer to do so.

 We will not be able to reply to all of the e-mails we receive, but rest assured that we keep all of the CVs in our database, so that we may contact you if necessary.

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