Unbeatable quality/price ratio

 The best prices for translations relative to quality? The Inova centers are certainly amongst those which compete for the top spots in this matter, in all offices where they operate.

 Aside from translations, we offer interpreting services in various flexibility conditions, according to requests.

 What do we take into account when we establish the prices of the certified and legalized translations that we offer? Prices depend on several factors.

 The first factor is the language in which the translation shall be performed (the rarer the language or the less it is used in Romania, the higher the price shall be).

 Other factors which influence the price

 Other important factors pertain to the type of translation (if it is technical or legal, if it is a simple literary text or a text rich in figures of speech, if it abounds in complicated terminology or not), the evaluation of the document by the desktop publishing experts and whether or not the client needs the translation urgently.

 Furthermore, the size of the text is highly important. Small expenses shall be added when it comes to a larger text (a lot over 2000 characters). However, prices remain acceptable and the translation quality is never subpar.

 You should always remember that there are other factors which may intervene.

 Below you can consult the estimative prices for certified and legalized translations in/from Romanian for 31 languages.

 Important remark

 We hereby remind you that these translation prices are not necessarily the final prices, taking into account the conditions we have already stated. Naturally, we can provide price estimates. It’s very easy to find out how much the translation will cost you! Fill in the contact form as accurately as possible and, if the request was sent during business hours, you will receive an answer in less than one hour. According to the option checked in the form, we can send you the answer either by phone or by e-mail.

 There are situations when the clients want the text to be translated from one foreign language into another and not from or into Romanian. In this case, the price of each translation shall be negotiated according to these two languages, alongside the criteria enumerated above.

 Technical details of the translation

 One page of translation is equal to 2000 characters, with spaces included.

 What to remember regarding the payment? First, an advance payment of 50% shall be paid before commencing the translation. Secondly, you must remember that the average rhythm for a translator is of 10-15 pages per business day.

 There are special situations when the client wants the translation as a matter of urgency. In this case, the translation shall cost 50% more. If the document in question is a duplicate, 10% shall be added for the additional copy.

 Interpreting prices

 Inova Translations also provides interpreting services, observing the EU norms which state that the normal workday for an interpreter is of six hours and the time which surpasses this period costs 20% more. The calculation starts from the moment the interpreter is available to the client. If the interpreter is required to travel outside the Municipality of Bucharest, the client has the obligation to provide transportation, accommodation and meals for the interpreter.

 Unlike translations, the prices for interpreting sessions depend on several factors, such as the type of event which requires interpreting, the difficulty of the language, the languages from which and into which the interpretation is performed, for how long the expert is required, the location where the event takes place and the number of interpreters needed.

 Contact us and we shall provide you with a personalized offer, taking into account all of these elements.

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